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Project Description

Meet my wonderful guest Lindsey Auclair, COO from Nugz Jewelry – who was a guest on my show ‎Forbes Living TV‬ recently. Nugz offers a unique way to express yourself through jewelry, it is a unique, high-quality, affordable, interchangeable jewelry and accessories line created by Billy Simon and Lindsey Auclair in 2012. The company enables consumers to create their own jewelry and change the designs with a simple snap as this jewelery is interchangeable. Nugz is an abbreviation for nuggets for the pieces that snap in and out of the jewelery. Consumers can select from leather bracelets, weave bracelets, metal toggle bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants, keychains, and headbands and customise their jewelery, even getting a personalised picture as a snap-on. Get inspired by color, diversity, cultures and travel to create a design that is perfectly individualized to fit your life. Check out my episode with Lindsey

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