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Project Description

Meet my two wonderful guests, Jahon Jamali, Founder & Chief Guru of Yoga Jack – and Shawn Jones from Stop Soldier Suicide –
Everyone deserves a little time and secure space to reflect, recharge, refocus, and recover. Yoga Jack makes MISSION FOCUSED yoga mats and lifestyle gear, which means that their products all support something a bit more – a worthy cause, nonprofit, or organization. Together, these form the YOGAJACK MISSIONS. Each MISSION represents their core principal – Stand up for something more, and you’ll discover your true mission. This is the MISSION FOCUSED concept. YOGAJACK MISSIONS supply yoga mats to support classes in Afghanistan, deliver warm winter clothing to the homeless, help fight the battle against post-traumatic stress (PTS). And while our yoga mats, yoga kits, and yoga gear are highly popular with the guys, ladies can rest assured that YOGAJACK products are for all. Check out my episode with Jahon and Shawn.

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