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Project Description

Meet my wonderful guests Jeff Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer and Ashley Ulibarri, Design Director of Miche – http://www.miche.com/ Miche was founded in 2005, and as Jeff Cohen explained – a home maker saved up her money to buy a brand new bag, it got stained and she couldn’t get it out, so she decided she wanted to fix it and she put a shell together and this was the birth of Miche. Miche offers women the ultimate combination of fashion, convenience and affordability. Our unique magnetic interchangeable exterior Shells allow a woman to change the look of just one bag anytime she wants without the bother of moving all her essentials to a new purse—often in just three seconds or less. Interchangeable jewelry, specialty bags and more round out their collection. Check out my episode with Jeff and Ashley and see how easy it is to have a new look in just a few seconds.

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