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Project Description

Meet my guest Kasie Savage, Brand Ambassador for Lola Jeans –

The history behind Lola Jeans is that brothers David and Sam were never straight A students and therefore never got an allowance from their parents, hence they were left with no choice but to quit school at a young age and work at their father’s jeans store. Reluctant at first, they worked by their dad’s side and eventually fell in love with the fashion industry.  Searching for a new challenge and with barely any experience in manufacturing and wholesaling, they started designing and producing jeans. Their goal: Produce the most comfortable yet fashionable women’s jeans.  Lola Jeans was born in 2005. They believe that all women are beautiful and inspiring, no matter her shape or size and Lola Jeans embodies these beliefs and strives to empower women thru fashion. Lola Jeans’ innovative 4-way stretch denim and curve-hugging jeans assure a flawless fit and unmatched comfort! “Embrace your curves, beauty’s not defined by the size of your jeans.” -LJ

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