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Project Description

It was a great by chance meeting with Jake “body by jake” Steinfeld that blossomed into a 5 years and $500 million dollar relationship…  we started out with Jake’s amazing idea to launch the first 24 hour fitness channel called The Cable Health Club and then morphed it into F’it-Tv – later bought by Fox.

I was the female pioneer in the world of selling fitness products on TV – from the stairmaster to the ab climber, the first resistance bands from Bobby Hinds to Suzanne Somers and her ThighMaster – I not only saw it all – I sold it all!  And because of my ability to bring products to life and feature the benefits above all, I not only old 1500 different fitness products but got invited to host more than 35 infomercials in my 5 years on the network.  That paved the way for me to launch fitness lines on home shopping (from HSN to QVC) around the world!  Like Jake always says, the secret to my (and everyone’s success)


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Jake Steinfeld is a world-renowned fitness professional who was one of the very first celebrity personal trainers. The “Body By Jake” guru has helped thousands of people get the body they’ve always wanted with his motivational books, line of work out products and his inspiring “don’t quit” attitude.

Now the former bodybuilder, who has worked with the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Hanks, and Stephen Spielberg is hitting the screens with a one-man show in which he shares funny tales about growing up as an overweight child with a bad stutter, and the unconventional way he got into the fitness industry.

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