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Tracey Mallet, an internationally recognized name in the Fitness Industry uses her 15 years of experience to motivate and inspire women juggling work, life, children and husband.

Reaching out to women around the world desperate to nurture their own physical well being, Tracey appears on TV shows, teaches classes, and serves as a Fitness Consultant. Her advice has appeared in the Hot Moms Club Handbook , and she also regularly contributes to the fitness column of the Hot Moms Club online magazine.

Mallett has been featured in Shape, Fitness Magazine, Cooking Light, Fit Pregnancy, Diet and Fitness, Lo Carb, Women’s Health, Fit Pregnancy, Fit Yoga, ePregnancy, Pilates Style, BABY LA Parenting Publication and Baby Zone . Tracey has over 19 million viewers following workouts on Exercise TV, and is soon to be the fitness expert on

Born in the small township of Bloxwich, England, Tracey’s love of movement began with ballet at the age of 3. An active perusal of dance and physical fitness continued into adulthood. She studied at London’s premier theatre school, Italia Conti (former alumni include Tracey Ulman and Naomi Campbell) where she was introduced to Pilates floor work, and graduated with a degree in Dance and Theatre Arts.Unknown-2

Tracey then went on to perform in musical theater shows, including Oliver, Scrooge and Grease, and numerous music videos. In 1989, she became a certified fitness instructor and taught dance and aerobics in London.

From 1993 – 1995, Tracey performed on NCL and Cunnard cruise ships. In 1994, while working on one of those cruise ships, she met her Hollywood-native husband Chris. The pair married in1996 and moved to South Pasadena, California, where Tracey continued a career in the fitness industry and her husband became a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Soon, Tracey became the popular Co-Host of “The Method Show” on Fox Fit TV, and starred in The Method’s best selling home exercise videos: “The MethodTracy Mallett Cardio Boot Camp,” “The Method 20 / 20 Cardio Kick, ” and “The Method Jab, Kick & Burn.”

In 2000, Tracey and her husband opened ATP Specific Training and Physical Therapy in South Pasadena. The acronym stands for Athletic Therapeutic Pilates (or as Tracey likes to say “Another Transformed Person!”). Physical therapy, Pilates, personal training, nutrition counseling and massage are offered by ATP’s 25 employees.

In 2001, Tracey gave birth to daughter, Amber. In 2003, son Ty joined the family. She took a four-year break from media projects to focus on her transition into motherhood before returning to work with renewed vigor.

Tracey leads her own work out segments on cable’s Exercise TV’s Exercise On Demand, viewed in 19 million households and hosts a new DR / infomercial “Crunchless Abs,”. Tracey also created “Renew You,” an innovative workout combining Pilates, ballet, Yoga, dance and strength training, due on the market in September 2006.images-1

Tracey’s motivating attitude and versatile teaching style combines many fitness trends, keeping her on the cutting edge. Her latest DVD series, released worldwide in 2006, “Super Body Boot Camp: Burn It and Firm It” is a no-nonsense, no frills program integrating kickboxing, martial arts moves, strength training, sports conditioning, and Pilates, designed to get viewers into the best shape of their lives.

She recently set up her own production company called ATP Fitness Productions. Her first production is “3-In-1 Pregnancy System” in which she stars 28 weeks pregnant. It is the first DVD on the market to combining Pilates, Yoga and Strength Training for pre- and post-natal mothers. Endorsed by Shapes Fit Pregnancy, ePregnancy, Fit Yoga and Pilates Style.

Keeping up with evolving technology, Tracey has also partnered with iAmplifi the leader in downloadable workouts to ipods and mp3 players.

Tracey is a Master Pilates Instructor for Rael Isacowitz (Body Arts and Science) and was certified through his program and the Pilates Physical Mind Institute in Santa Fe. She is a member of Pilates Method Alliance. In addition, Tracey is a certified pUnknown-1ersonal trainer, fitness instructor and lifestyle and weight management counselor through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of American (AFAA) and the American Council on Exercise (ACE). She is also a Level One certified Gyrotonic® Instructor.

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