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10 things you didn’t know about Callie!

HSN is celebrating Callie Northagen’s 15th anniversary as a host, but there are still things you may not know about her…


1. I grew up in Walhalla, ND. This was me trying to being fashionable in front of my first boyfriend. Check out the go-go boots!



2. My grandparents (Hannah and Clifford) were married for 65 years!

Grandparents Married 65 years


3. I love pets..

This is Oliver (the alpha cat).

Oliver The Cat



4. My personal goal is to grow up to be just like my Gramma Hannah.

Grandma Callie


5. Me and my big brother Lonny. I wanted to be everything he said he wanted to be – he was my hero.

Big Brother


6. My brother Darrin is my best friend.

Brother is my best friend


7. I love nature.

I Love Nature


My favorite place on earth……nature. I am a total tomboy.


Did I mention that I love nature? Another hike….this one in Tahoe.

Callie Hike


8. I have hosted at least a dozen live concert events for HSN…..Natalie Cole, James Taylor, Rod Stewart, Lionel Richie, Earth Wind & Fire, Randy Travis and Michael Bolton are just the start.

Callie HSN Live


Here’s a live concert moment in Vegas.

Live Concert in Vegas


9. My mom (with Tristan) was the best mom that ever lived. Look how happy she made Tristan!

Callie's Mom



10. I love the frosting on the cake!






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