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Dr Bob Proctor

2017-08-12T15:51:58-04:00Saturday, August 22, 2015|

 Have you seen or read The Secret and its Law of Attraction? Well I have been a believer forever and imaged how impacted I was when one of the stars of the movie, Dr. Bob Proctor not only became a fan of mine - but SpinGym as well.  As he tells in his video we met at a dinner, the night before we were both speaking at a Charity event put on by the Cynthia Kersey Foundation.  What I didn't realize until he sent me this video was that he had had a heart attack and how profoundly my fitness product affected him, his recovery and his on going health. When he says that SpinGym works like unadulterated magic and that everyone should be using one - I was on Cloud 9 - perhaps I still am -- so happy to share his energy, his passion and words of wisdom.     www.SpinGym.com