Make $$ Money with SpinGym

   The $ecret  to $elling $pinGym in Just 90 Seconds

   conceived & created by Forbes Riley


To sell a SpinGym in 90 Seconds it is a Provenm Simple, Easy to Follow 3 -step System                  


FIRST – Align Your Beliefs



  • Your belief: SpinGym is the “greatest fitness product on the planet” 


  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • No age limit
  • No weight limit
  • Travels in a car, plane, cruise ship
  • Targets arm, back, shoulders, AND core
  • Also aids in legs, abs, cardio, yoga, Pilates
  • And we believe because unlike dumbbells its doesn’t rely on gravity – that it can be done in space


  • CAN you say all of the above about …
  • Dumbbells
  • Resistance Bands
  • Treadmills
  • Zumba
  • CrossFit
  • Spinning Bikes
  • Trampolines etc etc
  • Your Belief: Most people don’t like the gym, can’t afford the gym, don’t have the time to go to the gym – with SpinGym the gym is ALWAYS with you – “no excuses”


  • Your Belief: Everyone would benefit from a little bit more exercise, movement, fat burning.


  • Your Belief: SpinGym can truly be done anywhere, anytime – desk, couch, fitness class, boot camp, airplane, cruise, hostpial…


  • Your Belief: Sitting (whether in a car, plane, couch or at a desk for more than 3 hours turns your body into a FAT STORING machine – SpinGym ignites it to become a FAT BURNING machine


  • Your Belief: No other product goes from a stretching device to resistance core training, to strength training


  • Your Belief: You cannot get big, bulky muscles training with SpinGym.  It helps to produce long, lean muscles and strong connected core


  • Your Belief: Toys Train!


  • Your Belief: SpinGym has sold more than 1.5 million units and 1.5 million people aren’t wrong!


  • Your Belief: NOT everyone will agree with YOUR BELIEFS and that okay


Sort of…



SECOND– Always have SpinGyms with you!


You will become an affiliate and can refer someone to the website BUT


We are a society of instant gratification and there is nothing more fun than when someone asks how they can get one – and you produce it from your bag!


THIRD – Stick to the Script!








practice, practice, practice – DO NOT ADD UNNECCESARY WORDS



  • Wanna See Something Cool? 
  • Give Me Your Thumbs…



Have SpinGym prewound, hands on the outside of the ring

Start the Spinning, arms rounded

You might add… we’re just gonna do 30 seconds



  • Count from 10 down to 1 
  • Now Straighten your arms – like Superman (woman), fingers extended straight ahead
  • Count from 10 down to 1
  • Let’s Go Overhead
  • Count from 10 down to 1
  • Make a fist bring them arms down
  • Place one fist on your chest (like its glued)


10.Punch with your other arms

    11.Count from 10 down to 1

    12.Punch like you’re punching out stress!



do not let them do the other side!







Optional ideas


  • Have another person touch the outside of their arm and comment
  • Have another person touch the top of their pecs and/or lats
  • Ask them where they can imagine SpinGyming?
  • Here’s another unique idea, especially helpful in getting your encounter video taped –
  • Tell someone that “you’re in a contest” that requires you to get a video of you SpinGyming with some every day for 30 days – all you’re asking is for them to “do it” – not buy – BUT you know that once they tried it – they will certainly ask you where you get one – works great AND gives your postable social media SpinGym footage – I have to credit one of my students with this ingenious idea – works every time!



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