Exercise Excuse Buster

Why is SpinGym the quickly becoming known as the “Exercise Excuse Buster?”

Beause you can always find five minutes time!

Hardworking people often can’t find time or
inclination to visit the gym. Unless the gym
comes to the office and the workout takes
just a few minutes.  So being sedentary, overweight and out of shape has become a way of life – but no more!

Fit and healthy in the office:

SpinGym is the perfect tool for people with
sedentary jobs. It promotes a healthier seated
posture, relieving back stress and easing tension.
And the enriched oxygen supply makes you more
attentive and efficient at what you do.

Refreshed and focused in your car

Long spells sitting in a car put a big strain on your back, tiring
your body and mind and impeding your driving skills. Take a
quick break with a SpinGym workout to unwind and recharge
your batteries, and get back on the road reinvigorated and
ready for a safer drive to your destination.

In shape for sports

SpinGym warms up your upper body muscles in no time at all, improves
coordination, and leaves you feeling far more limber. Able to move more efficiently
and smoothly, your body runs a far lower risk of injury.

Featuring a stylish aluminum finish, SpinGym is highly
effective and easy-to-use. This makes it the perfect choice for anyone seeking ways to tone their upper body – in-style and with minimum training time.




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