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Meet my wonderful guest Alex Eliashevsky, the CEO of Vfinity – http://vfinity.com/

Vfinity is the premier weight management solutions direct sales company that Lifestyle Consultants and Customers need to become skinnier, healthier, and more financially successful. The Vfinity brand is not just about weight loss . . . It’s about real people changing their lives by collaborating with a compassionate network of like-minded individuals who are making a real difference in the world.

Research shows that when people can’t manage their weight, they have real consequences. The problems with rampant overweight and obesity are real. Fortunately, so are the solutions.

With cutting-edge TrigestinTM caplet technology, and a synergistic blend of vitamins and a proprietary blend of ingredients, it is clear from customer testimonials that V3 MAX is the most revolutionary weight management product in the market.

In addition to V3 MAX, Vfinity offers a suite of complementary weight management products that work synergistically with V3 MAX to optimize transformative lifestyle changes and improve health.

Our V2 Skinny Greens nourish and alkalize the body with 72 fruits, vegetables and other nutrients to help you curb cravings.

The V1 Skinny Smoothie debuted to rave reviews. With superior quality protein such as Greek Yogurt and Quinoa, V1 helps you build muscle, ignite your metabolism, and control your appetite.

Our products are designed to work in conjunction with Vfinity’s Weight Loss Your Way Program, the nutrition and exercise program you design to fit your unique needs and lifestyle. A healthy, nourishing diet combined with exercise is an essential component of any weight management program.

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