Project Description

Meet my wonderful guests Anthony ‘Tone’ Cardenas, CEO and fitness therapist from Omni-Gym and his daughter Andrea.  The Omni Gym – – allows you to safely and easily perform stretching, aerial yoga, inversion therapy, back pain treatment, and weightless strength training, inducing more balance, coordination, and muscle fiber recruitment than any other fitness equipment or exercise. The revolutionary movement process of Muscle-BrainTM activates millions of new neurons and motor cells to enhance cerebral function and improve coordination, agility, and grace in movement, and create alert, relaxed meditative states of awareness on demand.

The Omni-Gym has 18 core functions:-

1) Inversion Therapy

2) Lumbar-Pelvic Traction

3) Weightless Flying Fitness

4) Self Treat Neck and Back Pain

5) Spinal Decompression Therapy

6) Total Home Gym and Athletic Trainer

7) Home Rehab for Musculo-Skeletal Injuries

8 ) Martial Arts – Dance – Gymnastics – ALL Sports

9) Self-Manipulation of Spine (Chiropractor-in-a-Sling)

10) Jungle Gym for Kids (they love to spin & bounce)

11) Suspension Fitness Trainer (way beyond TRX)

12) Home Physical Therapy (save thousands $$)

13) Tension & Stress Management Flying

14) Flying Fitness – Swing Yoga

15) Tantric Love Swing

16) Simple Hammock

17) Pilates Trainer

18) Sky Chair

Check out my episode with Anthony and Andrea.

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