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Project Description

I’d like to introduce Shefit Apparel – Sara Marie created the revolutionary SheFit™ sports bra as she struggled for years not finding the right fit. Her workouts lacked intensity and she put up with the pain. As a result of many pregnancies, breastfeeding, and grueling competition workouts she came up with the perfect sportsbra. Shefit goes where no other sports bra has gone before, truly giving each woman the ability to customize a fit that works for her while revealing the strong beauty that’s in all of us. Shefit™ has developed athletic apparel with the highest level of support, comfort and style specifically designed to enhance your workout. Every female who wants great support and fabulous style—regardless of breast size—needs and loves Shefit! The Shefit™ Sports Bra is the fully adjustable, breakthrough fitness bra for empowered women.  Check out my episode Sara Marie.

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