Project Description

Puregraft fat grafting – ever heard of it? Meet my guest Dr Steven Cohen, Plastic Surgeon, ‪FACESPlus‬ Aesthetic Facility who was on my show ‪‎Forbes Living TV‬ recently and who performs this procedure. Puregraft –http://www.puregraft.com/ – is changing the way aesthetic and reconstructive medicine is practiced, matching procedure results to patient demand. They’ve spent over a decade perfecting their filtration technology to deliver the only fat grafting system clinically validated to improve long-term graft retention. Developed by some of the world’s foremost experts in adipose science, the Puregraft System was designed to standardize fat grafting, and address the procedure’s biggest weaknesses: inconsistency and unpredictability. Puregrafting is both a product and a process. A product to provide the cleanest, most predictable fat graft available. A process that is simple – Harvest. Process. Deliver. Check out my episode with Dr Steven Cohen

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