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Project Description

I’m proud to introduce to you Scalisi Skincare who were on my show ‪‎Forbes Living TV‬ recently – Scalisi is a unique skincare line and in a market where age defying beauty is often promised but not always attained, how do you rise above all the hype? By creating products in cutting-edge science that yields phenomenal results How do you discover the secret to a youthful and healthy skin? Scalisi did so with years of meticulous research, development, testing and retesting.Their products repair wrinkles and prevent new ones from forming. It is science inspired by nature. Scalisi’s mission is to make you glow from the inside with visible results.
‪‎Jill Scalisi‬, the founder and CEO of Scalisi, says, “It combines the best of science, beauty and organic. On the science side there have been 10 years of clinical studies, for up to a 45% reduction in wrinkles. On the beauty side it looks, feels and smells amazing, and on the organic side there is no retinol, paraben free, no oxybenzone and free of animal testing.  Check out my episode with Jill.

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