Project Description

Meet my next guest and new mum, Maura Keenan, the Founder of Rootstix –  Tired of grey hair? Here’s a way to extend the life of your hair color. ROOTSTIX products were created to provide temporary color for your grey roots during that irritating time between colorings where you can start to see grey roots showing, but you don’t want to color your hair for a few more weeks.

Write off gray hair! ROOTSTIX is immediate, precise, easy to use, and long-lasting temporary color. It’s as simple as using a marker. Just apply and go! The color goes on quickly and dries FAST with NO mess. Color may fade throughout the day and washes out easily. Last minute meeting with the boss? Last minute dinner reservations? Last minute PTA meeting? Just use the ROOTSTIX pen and look fabulous in no time! Can also be used on eyebrows.

ROOTSTIX are also for men. Use to quickly cover grey in beards and mustaches.

Check out my episode with Maura.

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