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Project Description

I’m proud to introduce to you CoreChair, who were guests on my show Forbes Living TV not too long ago –  We all know what it’s like to sit in an office chair for long hours on end – it can be painful for your back – so I ask you, do want to look better, feel better and live better? If the answer is yes, then swap to CoreChair. Typical office chairs have been through a variety of aesthetic design and engineering changes throughout the years, yet its function remained the same. Chairs have been denying us the one thing our bodies were built to do: MOVE. At CoreChair it is believed that just because you sit, it doesn’t mean you have to sit still. Meet Patrick Harrison who’s objective it was to create a safe, comfortable, healthy, and aesthetic active-sitting chair. In conjunction with allied health professionals and an esteemed engineering group, CoreChair created an active sitting solution that’s revolutionizing the way we sit. Check out my episode with Patrick.

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