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My First Book Launch with Virdition

2018-09-22T08:08:05-04:00Wednesday, September 5, 2018|

Have to admit, it is very cool launching my first book, Virdition. It took my co-author, Will Quinones and I almost 3 years to complete this and finally we get to show the work.  Not only the journey, the book, but the website as well. To read the full press release, please Visit HERE! VIRDITION: The Secret to Fast Tracking YOUR Path to Stardom” co-authored by Celebrity TV Host and Motivational Speaker Forbes Riley and Visionary Entrepreneur Will Quinones, is Hollywood’s newest handbook to success—a must for anyone with stars in their eyes and the desire to launch a career in show business. In this digital age, seeking a career in Hollywood has never been more exciting. Talented individuals in any genre from stuntmen and musicians to actresses, singers, dancers, and even make-up artists, can create their brand, steer their career, and master the art of “virtual auditioning” to achieve their dreams with the help or hindrance of managers, agents and executives. With VIRDITION’S guidance, tips, and insider secrets, this book serves as a blueprint to master messages, build brands and showcases talents but its also is revolutionary for entrepreneurs, sales teams and public speakers who want to learn [...]