My First Book Launch with Virdition

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My First Book Launch with Virdition

Have to admit, it is very cool launching my first book, Virdition. It took my co-author, Will Quinones and I almost 3 years to complete this and finally we get to show the work.  Not only the journey, the book, but the website as well.

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VIRDITION: The Secret to Fast Tracking YOUR Path to Stardom” co-authored by Celebrity TV Host and Motivational Speaker Forbes Riley and Visionary Entrepreneur Will Quinones, is Hollywood’s newest handbook to success—a must for anyone with stars in their eyes and the desire to launch a career in show business.

In this digital age, seeking a career in Hollywood has never been more exciting. Talented individuals in any genre from stuntmen and musicians to actresses, singers, dancers, and even make-up artists, can create their brand, steer their career, and master the art of “virtual auditioning” to achieve their dreams with the help or hindrance of managers, agents and executives. With VIRDITION’S guidance, tips, and insider secrets, this book serves as a blueprint to master messages, build brands and showcases talents but its also is revolutionary for entrepreneurs, sales teams and public speakers who want to learn how to leverage a personal brand and rise above their competition. Virdition: The Book

Forbes Riley presents her inspirational story, fraught with professional and personal ups and downs to surviving the murder of a young child she helped raise in Los Angeles to ultimately achieving success as an entertainer and motivational speaker. Her often painful story makes it clear, that with persistence and a willingness to adapt, you can reach your goals, even if they look different than you imagined. A sailboat hits its destination by constantly correcting course! Timothy Hodgkiss remarked, “Her positive message and uplifting tone make you feel that you can achieve anything you want in life and business if you are brave enough to fight for them. The book shows the importance of branding and social media and how they can be leveraged to create opportunities.”

As Uber impacted taxi services and Airbnb shook-up the hotel industry, VIRDITION’S is the long-awaited disruptive solution to the antiquated casting rules of Hollywood. VIRDITION allows anyone with talent and a dream to carve out their place in the billion-dollar entertainment industry and undiscovered gems can more easily shine on shows such as “America’s Got Talent”, “The Voice”, “American Idol” and “So, You Think You Can Dance.”

Social media outlets such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat provide performers with opportunities to showcase their talent to wide audiences immediately online—a far cry from the days of paper headshots and “cattle call” auditions. VIRDITION’S new book helps readers leverage digital tools to achieve success, and the platform will open the marketplace for stardom, placing it within anyone’s grasp.

Endorsed by veteran performers like triple threat/co-host of “American Idol” Paula Abdul, “Days of Our Lives” soap opera star Kevin Spiritas, to “Shark Tank’s” Kevin Harrington, “Virdition” serves as a door-opening opportunity and a must read.

With more than 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Forbes shares her insights and valuable tips for overcoming obstacles on the path to success. Based on her journey pursuing a career as an actress, TV host, and ultimately using her skills to launch a multi-million dollar empire and open her state-of-the-art tv and production studio in St Petersburg, Florida

“I just felt so motivated and inspired after reading VIRDITION. If you have been struggling with your message and branding, the book contains expert, practical advice and wisdom”, states theatrical manager, Dora Whitaker, “Beyond useful info and Forbes Riley is such a shining star and role model!”

Inspiring and motivating, VIRDITION delivers a new approach for achieving success in the entertainment industry and after all, as in the self-made fame of Kim Kardashian and clan or even Donald Trump as president, its a new era, embrace it!


about the Authors

Forbes Riley and Virdition founder and CEO Will Quinones have partnered to write the book to help others achieve their entertainment career dreams while providing the Virdition online virtual audition platform so that artists can display and broadcast their talents to industry insiders and audiences digitally. Both Riley and Quinones are passionate about helping struggling artists of all levels achieve their dreams.

Forbes Riley, recently named America’s Most Loved Female Motivational Speaker, continues her passion to inspire people and create entrepreneurs that have success in a holistic and fulfilling manner — health, wealth and happiness is a motto she preaches and lives.

Forbes is a regular presence on televisions worldwide as a product spokesperson and television host–appearing on such networks as ESPN, TLC, Fit-TV, Animal Planet, ABC Family, Home Shopping Network, QVC, HSN and has been profiled by Forbes Magazine, Huffington Post, Fox News and more. As an actress, Forbes has appeared in numerous feature films, television shows and live on Broadway. She’s a recurring correspondent on Hallmark’s Home and Family, NBC’s The Doctors and a wide variety of news and daytime talk shows.

Having grossed more than $2.5 Billion dollars in product sales worldwide, Forbes can be seen regularly alongside such celebrities as Mary J. Blige, Tori Spelling, Martha Stewart, Kelly Ripa, Wolfgang Puck, and Susan Lucci, Joy Mangano, Curtis Stone, and Tony Little on HSN promoting her unique brand of lifestyle products including the Award Winning SpinGym. Forbes has built her success on establishing trust with her audience and creating products that are portable, affordable and produce dynamic results.

Her flagship fitness product SpinGym is used in offices and gyms worldwide and it’s one of the only fitness products that afford those sitting in a wheelchair, a heart pumping, powerful cardio workout.

Forbes Riley’s dedication to providing unique solutions and innovative products extends beyond her own products and owns a multi-media production studio located in St Petersburg, Florida, which is used to shoot productions, host masterminds, conduct media coaching and bring people together. She also hosts a weekly live radio show and serves as a Motivational Keynote Speaker around the globe. Forbes offers an exclusive one-on-one coaching to get people to achieve their next level of success in health, wealth and happiness. For seminar details visit or for booking info or to schedule an interview: contact her media team 509-429-2549.

Virdition written by Forbes Riley

Virdition written by Forbes Riley

Virdition written by Forbes Riley

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