TonnoPro Tri-Folding Tonneau Cover2017-08-12T15:52:45-04:00

Project Description

Another one of my guests, meet Tonno Pro, who were guests on my show ‪Forbes Living TV‬ the end of last year – The TonnoPro Tri-Folding Tonneau Cover for pick-up trucks has become the fastest growing cover in the segment. The basic premise is that the sections are hinged together and fold into a more compact unit. There are many advantages to this type of cover including the ability to remove in seconds for oversized cargo or just fold forward and lock in place for smaller loads. The covers aerodynamic design reduces air drag and improves fuel economy by an average of 10-13%. The Folding Tonneau cover also comes completely assembled which means “NO DRILLING” thus making the installation a snap. Check out my episode with the brothers Mark Wolf, VP and Bob Wolf, President of Tonno Pro.

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