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Project Description

I’m proud to introduce to you Pauli Cookware LLC – – who were guests on my show ‪Forbes Living TV‬ recently. The ‪Pauli Sauce Pot‬ Takes the stress out of the kitchen! This is the saucepot that states it will never burn sauces or stews, even if the busy saucier forgets to stir. The base of this pot is lined with seven layers of alternating stainless steel and aluminum, enclosing a hermetically sealed silicone oil chamber. That chamber acts as a permanent double boiler, distributing heat evenly and guarding against abrupt shifts in temperature. In lesser pots, sauces must be stirred constantly; otherwise they can easily scorch and impart a burned flavor-to say nothing of the difficulty of scouring afterward. Check out my episode with Elizabeth and ‪‎Paul Scioscio

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