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Project Description

Meet my guest Vince Ng, the CEO and Founder of Halo Belt, – http://www.halobelt.com – a very innovative product, who was a guest on my show ‪ForbesLivingTV‬ recently. The Halo Belt is an illuminated reflective belt that provides optimal visibility and safety for its user. The Halo Belt is designed to save lives. It is a versatile tool that takes wearable technology to a whole new level within the safety field. The conception of the Halo Belt was brought to life with the help of the Kickstarter community and they’ve learned a tremendous amount about safety patterns and where Halo Belt safety can be applied. They are in various markets such as law enforcement, cycling, running, children safety, skiing, hiking, motorist, roadside safety, airport traffic safety, extreme sports, and military. Check out my episode with Vince.

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