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Project Description

Meet Zach Marks, the 14 year old Founder and Creator behind – and Darren Marks, his father, the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Grom Social. Grom Social is an innovative and entertaining social network for kids. A “grommet” or “grom” is surfer slang for a young surfer. As you and your Grom navigate through the site you’ll find that Grom Social is more than just social networking, Grom is a social community with an extensive variety of engaging features; games exclusive to Grom, videos and weekly articles.
Grom Social’s devotion to positivity and education is untapped in the social media atmosphere. Their Grom Helpers have platforms that cultivate making responsible life choices against bullying, drugs and violence. Social responsibility and internet safety are trending topics on the Grom wall. The Grom helpers are also on 24/7/365; contributing positive and self-esteem building posts and chats. They have a built in bad word filter that ensures that no inappropriate language can ever post on the site. Educational topics are shared by the Grom Helpers through posts and articles ranging from health & fitness, creative DIY projects, and learning activities. Check out my episode with Zach and Darren

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