ThanksGiving 2015


Thanksgiving 2015 – fun family food and fitness… don’t blow what you know to be true – this is not your last meal – so enjoy the protein, go light on the stuffing and have a taste of dessert – not the whole pie!

BUT first a few tips:
1. Be sure to eat slowly. 
3. Fill the INSIDE of your plate 1X 
4. Protein is a fist size
5. Veggies are 2 -3 fists (umm, if they aren’t loaded with marshmallows)
6. Don’t snack on the appetizers
7. Drink 8-10oz of water 30 minutes BEFORE you eat!
8. Never eat without a napkin on your lap (translates to: don’t eat standing up)
9. Stop before you’ve cleared that plate and ask yourself, “Am I still hungry?”
10. ENJOY the people. The LOVE. The Gratitude. That’s truly what this holiday SEASON is all about.. not the food.
11. Take a tupperware container and pack some of this goodies you couldn’t finish in your plate for another meal.



  1. sikis May 3, 2016 at 12:26 AM - Reply

    excelente artigo.

  2. Sikis Isle May 7, 2016 at 8:43 PM - Reply

    Just watched you speaking on stage and wow! you blew me away. So grateful my mom dragged me to this event and I am now a devoted follower. Please add me to your email list and update me so I can continue to support you.

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