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Project Description

I launched my career selling fitness products on tv thanks to Jake “body by Jake” Seinfeld.  I first hosted The Cable Health Club and then it morphed into Fit-TV – which was later sold to Fox-TV for $500 million dollars.  

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I hosted this 20 years ago and now its back as an NEW infomercials — hmmmm

Huffington Post writes – “I was an actress,” Forbes explained, “and in between plays and parts on soap operas, I’d go on commercial auditions. One day I walked into a room and someone just handed me a pen. And then they told me to sell it. Minutes later, Jake Steinfeld walked out of the control room and said, ‘You’re going to make me millions of dollars.’”

Steinfeld is the celebrity fitness guru better known to audiences as “Body By Jake” and at the time, he had a daily presence on a 24-hour fitness network. Overnight, Forbes became the woman to watch, when at the end of every hour, she’d pitch products like exercise balls and treadmills.

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