Have you heard about Waist Shapers?

The latest craze for women to have a more hour glass figure is waist trainer – have you heard about this?  In the old days women wore corsets and we remember that famous seen from Gone with the Wind (video below)  Well here I am in Bogota, Columbia about to shoot a new infomercial and the owner of the company created a shapewear company called Zlimmy – her and her team tugged me into my first Waist Shaper – I certainly looked all pulled in – but breathing is optional!!


Waist training is a gradual process of waist reduction using latex, corsets, or even neoprene wrap around your middle to decrease the measurement. This practice came to prominence during The Victorian times. According to recent studies the more you wear your cinchers/corsets the more effective it will be. Waist reduction and reshaping requires consistency. The best results are achieved with combining the use of this product with a healthy diet plan, drinking 10 glasses of water daily, ensuring you get your 5-a-day small meals and trying to cut out fast food, sugar and unhealthy snacks.

Supposedly it best to wear waist trainers if…

  • This goal for any shape or size, whether you wanting to maintain or attain an hourglass shape/slimmer silhouette
  • Start using your waist shaper for 4-5 hours a day until you feel comfortable, breaking in your corset will be like breaking in a new pair of shoes. Have patience and stick with it!
  • It will assist during the weight loss process, helping you to permanently loose inches and help sculpt the formation of your new waist
  • The Sports latex waist shaper is perfect to wear to the gym, your stomach will sweat under the corset sculpting your waist into a beautiful hourglass shape
  • Help your post baby body reform itself after pregnancy by tightening your stomach muscles, firming the skin and toning your abdomen as well as strengthening and supporting your back
  • Can be worn under clothes if required for a night out.
  • Many have hooks to keep tighting…
  • The istant benefits are that your lwaist shaper not only helps achieve physical results it will create a healthy mind, mentally making better lifestyle choices

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