Getting Gorgeous takes Work!

Some say beauty is only skin deep – I say thank God for Mascara!

I am always amazed at how glamorous make-up can make you look and though for some the natural look works – not for me! I have been truly blessed throughout the years to work with some amazingly talented professional makeup artists and I’m grateful they taught me well.  AND shared some of their industry secrets.

  1. Always start with a clean face
  2. Apply a toner and moisturize (and if you’re headed outside, apply sunscreen)
  3. Match your base to your squinting – are you yellow or pink base
  4. Invest in great brushes
  5. Translucent powder sets your base

These and many more tips to come have keep me looking great on tv for decades AND a very special heartfelt thanks to my LEAD make-up artist on Forbes Living: Jodi Welch!



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