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Overcome to $uccess

2018-09-25T21:54:14-04:00Sunday, March 11, 2018|

Overcome to $uccess By Forbes Riley You are the sum of the obstacles you overcome: If you are lucky to live long enough, you're likely to go through some pretty bad stuff, whether it's the death of loved ones, losing all of your money or possessions, sickness and injuries, and other traumatic events. At best, you find that you come out of it—you've lived through some horrible circumstances or even seemingly improbable near-death experiences, and you discover yourself on the other side of it. You also realize that some people don't make it through similar circumstances, literally, by not escaping death or succumbing to suicide, but here you are, you made it through. The powerful thing about living through the horrible times isn't just in the survival. I have learned that when you come through a personal tragedy, you come through different. Life is never about what happens to you; instead it is about how you choose to handle the hand you've been dealt. Under the same circumstances handed to two different people, one shuts down, wallows in self-pity, succumbs to fear, and uses their hardships as an excuse, while the other takes the challenge head-on, gets up, pushes [...]