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Project Description

An inspiring outtake from “Supercharge Me!”

This clip features celebrity tv host and actress Forbes Riley giving her passionate account of eating raw, organic, natural foods and its connection to “The Truth.” References to spirituality, “The Matrix” and the Industrial Revolution.  This film and her philosophy were ahead of its time but it stands more true that ever today – a wonderful film to watch!

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Supercharge Me! 30 Days Raw – Review

This movie is essentially the opposite of Morgan Spurlock’s documentary Super Size Me. Instead of eating McDonalds for 30 days, Jenna Norwood attempts to go on a 100% (turns out to be 99.9999%) healthy, raw vegan diet.

In the film Jenna Norwood along with her health & fitness friends (including me, Forbes Riley) take us on her journey to see what happens when she enrolls in a raw food detox center and consumes only organic, raw, enzyme-rich foods for 30 days.

This is the YouTube video trailer for the entire movie…


Baseline Tests

Jenna’s doctor suggested the following baseline tests before embarking on the raw food detox – thyroid, blood sugar, kidney/liver function, cholesterol (good and bad) and triglycerides. Her doctor said he felt that there would be changes to her levels after just 3 weeks on a detox diet.

Also, before the detox, Jenna weighed in at 152 pounds.

A list of Jenna’s health related concerns pre-detox include: overall health, low energy, high stress, tight chest (sometimes to the point where she feels a heart attack is imminent), frequent colds, constant back and neck pain, shallow breathing, restless sleep, extra weight, stiff achy joints, unhealthy diet (eating out or on the run about 90% of the time), carb and sugar junkie, bruise easily, lack of exercise (pain in Achilles), and unhealed thumb sprain from a year and a half prior.


30 Day Raw Food Detox

Jenna went to detox center Optimum Health Institute for the first 21 days of the detox, then did 7 days at home.

Optimum Health Institute (OHI) is a non-profit organization with 2 locations, one in Austin Texas, the other in San Diego, CA


Raw Meetup Group

Before leaving, Jenna started a raw food meetup group on Meetup.com to help stick with raw foods after coming back home.


Raw Detox Diet At OHI


  • No meat
  • No dairy
  • No fish
  • No eggs
  • No bread
  • No pasta
  • No pizza
  • No sugar
  • No salt
  • No coffee
  • No alcohol
  • No cooked food

Albert Einstein said, “You cannot solve your problems with the same mind that created them.”


Detoxification  The metabolic process by which the toxic qualities of a poison or toxin are reduced by the body.

Detox Symptoms: Cravings, tiredness, irritability, headaches and more.


Sample of 1 Day’s Routine At Detox Center

Start the say with exercise, then breakfast, then learning about the program, sprouting instruction, sauerkraut instruction, juicing instruction, lunch, tools for change, life is a gift (gratitude), mind/body connection, more exercise, dinner, relaxation and pain control.

An important aspect to the detox in cleansing of the colon. At the OHI, everyone is required to do enemas.

Enema  The injection of a fluid into the rectum to cause a bowel movement.


They were also required to do wheatgrass juice implants which are injections of wheatgrass into the rectum which is extremely healthy for the colon.

Wheatgrass juice is made from sprouted wheatberries and has the same 7.4 acid-alkaline balance as human blood.



Elimination   The act of discharging or excreting waste products or foreign substances from the body.  On the second day, Jenna took 2 classes on elimination.

Jenna described her busy days at OHI which included: Appointments for massage, colonics and chiropractic. She prepared wheatgrass juice 2x a day.


Elimination Timeframes

  • Dead cow – 3 days to pass through our system
  • Raw veg – 15 hours
  • Raw fruit – 6 hours



Warm water pumped into the colon so the residues of fecal matter and other deposits can be cleared.

During the film, there is a segment with a live colonic demo.

What happens during the colonic is water begins filling into the first 2 inches , then the sigmoid area to the sigmoid flexure, up the descending colon to the splenic flexure, through the transverse colon to the hepatic flexure, down the ascending colon, to the secum area where a lot of parasites sit.

In this segment we learn that digestion begins in the mouth…

Also how important it is to put good bacteria and flora back into the bowel tract. Wheatgrass energizes and feeds the bloodstream, goes direct to the blood, direct to the liver. The bloodstream takes it throughout the entire bodyso every cell in your body gets it.



During digestion class, Jenna learns that the human body can heal itself given the right circumstances. There are 300 billion new cells that are created each day. When we cut ourselves we heal naturally, which is the same with the rest of our body. When we become ill or have other injuries, including internal injuries, our bodies are designed to heal these sorts of things, again, given the right tools and circumstances.

She learns that eating less will help us to live longer. The more good food that we consume, the less food that our bodies need. People feel more hungry after consuming foods that are nutrition-deprived.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates (Father of Modern Medicine 460 B.C. – 370 B.C.)

David Wolfe About Raw Food

He says… the main thing about raw food that is unique is that it has life force in it, a cooked seed won’t grow, a raw seed will is enzymatically active – meaning there is some kind of catalyst in raw food that is not present in cooked food – raw food will continue to ripen while cooked food will decay.

He explains that vitamins and amino acids are degraded by heat. 50% of protein is degraded by heating food – so, have to eat twice as much.

Vegan Protein Sources

Nuts, seeds, avocado, sprouts, beans, sprouted grains, goji berries, spirulina , spinach, kale, broccoli, and any vegetables

David Wolfe says, “the most concentrated source of protein in the world is spirulina – it fed some of the greatest civilizations on Earth including pre-Columbian Mexico city.. they ate spirulina as their primary source of protein for 1000’s of years.”

He says…when raw, protein is highly absorbable, and you get all the protein, not just 50% like when cooked.

Juice Fasting

During the juice fast at OHI, Jenna has a choice from 2 different juices. One is the ‘hypo juice’ which is great for diabetics, hypoglycemic or those fighting sugar addictions or candida.

The hypo juice has low sugar content and consists of juiced cucumber, celery, cabbage, sprouts and zucchini.

The sweetened juice has either beet juice or carrot juice added.

Sample Solid Meal

As a sampling of solid meals Jenna was able to choose from, there was vegetable soup and apple sauce. The vegetable soup was for people avoiding sugar. The soup was served with essene crackers which are made from dehydrated sprouts and seasonings.

Jenna’s Update

At one point during the film, Jenna gives an update on how she feels. She reports increased flexibility, more energy, feeling happier, Achilles not hurting, thumb is not painful any longer and has strength back…

…also, very interesting, 8 months prior she was prescribed glasses for a slight astigmatism in both eyes. She had to always wear the glasses or her eyes hurt. She claims not needing the glasses at all while staying at the detox center.

Jenna underwent about 6 colonics in her 3 weeks at the center. She discusses her “release” of 15 pounds at the last day. She prefers not to say “lost” because she doesn’t want to “find” them again 🙂

“There’s nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” – Margaret Elizabeth Sangster


The film is very inspiring and educational. Highly recommended.



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