Forbes Riley + Home Shopping + Perfect Pitch

//Forbes Riley + Home Shopping + Perfect Pitch

Forbes Riley + Home Shopping + Perfect Pitch

My home for more than 28 years – live home shopping around the world.  One of the secets is that you MUST have the Perfect Pitch!

How to Develop Your Perfect Pitch

Okay – you’ve invented, created or licensed the perfect product – now how do you market and make money from it? First contacting me is a great idea — hint, hint!

But when the moment arises to go to the network you will only have a few minutes to win over the buyers. Don’t waste their time with details about why you came up with the product idea. Instead, focus on the selling points, the financial aspects, and keep your pitch short and sweet.

Be considerate of the buyer’s limited time; don’t waste minutes with “cutesy stuff” and PLEASE don’t tell a buyer that your product is the best thing in the world and that they will make billions of dollars with it. They hear this everyday! Simply get to the point with solid benefits and features.

Start with how your product will benefit their pocketbook. Retail buyers are most concerned about their bottom line – it’s how they keep their bosses happy. Just as you are hoping to make big bucks with an appearance on HSN or QVC, they too want to make money off of your product. The only products that will make it past this step are the items that show great financial promise.

1. Is it a Demonstrable Product?
Show how it’s used or worn. If it’s a food product, bring samples. Pretend you are the host. Practice this often so it’s a smooth process with a great delivery.

2. Features Tell, Benefits Sell!
Give the buyers several reasons why people will not be able to live without your product. Perhaps you have a health product that helps with weight loss management, or a safety product that will protect shoppers’ children from harm. Whatever the benefits are, communicate them clearly.

3. USP – Unique Selling Proposition
Research your competition. Explain why your product stands out in the marketplace and why consumers would prefer to purchase your product instead.

Do you have a celebrity endorsement that your competitors don’t have? Are you selling something made with superior parts while your competitor is lacking the same level of quality? Highlight what sets you apart.

4. Can EVERYONE use it??
There must be a certain sense of mass appeal, because millions of people will be watching your product pitch if it makes it on air. The product needs to work for the audience or they need to be prompted to buy it for someone they know and love.

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