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Crush It On Camera

Being able to communicate while a camera is on you is perhaps the hardest thing to do – used be just speaking in public – but when you realize as you look into the lens of a broadcast camera, that perhaps millions of people are watching you – it can daunting.  And the biggest misconception is that you are talking to the “audience” – in tv, the audience is just that one person listening, watching – even if its millions of that “one person”. And so a level on honesty, clarity and purpose must come across that tv screen. It certainly helps if you understand the art of the interview, conversation and the beauty of being able to listen and train a bit of improv so you have the ability to be quick on your feet. Of course you can’t discount a good sense of humor – about everything!

My career has been blessed and varied – to get to go from movies and tv (Fox’s 24, The Practice, Picket Fences) to a variety of broadcast (from hosting ESPN’s X-Games, my own talk topic driven talk show on TLC to Fit-TV, Animal Planet and ABC-Family) and then a transition to incorporating my love of inventors and product to be the spokesperson on infomercials and live home shopping channels – both QVC and HSN.  It’s a career that no one could have predicted or planned for – perhaps I’m just lucky, of course you must define luck as preparation meeting opportunity!  My advice and philosophy to having a great career in broadcasting: listen, learn, live!

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