Scientific Reasons to GO TO THE BEACH!

BEACH, SUN, FUN and YOUR HEALTH! 1. You’re more relaxed along the coast Look at the picture. Stress free, right? The very sight of it can subconsciously calms you…  Pictures of urban landscapes elicited activity in the parts of our brains associated with stress, studies have shown participants who were shown nature pictures had heightened activity in the parts associated with “positive outlook, emotional stability and the recollection of happy memories.”  Its warm, fresher air and as long as you don’t take you laptop — you WILL be more relaxed! 2. Water returns us to our natural state                        We’re connected to water from the onset of life. Babies’ bodies are 75 percent water. As we age, we become drier (only 60 percent), but our brains are still three-fourths water and even our bones are 31 percent water. Simply – When you see or hear the ocean, you know “you’re in the right place.” 3. Blue, it turns out, is the world’s favorite color.  A 2003 research project that surveyed 232 people from around the world about their associations with various colors. Forty-two percent of men said blue was their favorite color, while 35 … Continue reading Scientific Reasons to GO TO THE BEACH!