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World-renowned fitness and wellness expert and National Fitness Hall of Fame inductee, Forbes Riley continues to revolutionize the exercise world with the completely portable SpinGym, allowing people to get an effective, heart pumping, body changing workout anywhere, anytime. Having now sold more than 1 million SpinGyms, it is not only a growing favorite among celebrities seeking red carpet ready arms, but SpinGym is working its magic worldwide in office cubicles, pilots in cockpits, professional sports athletes and everyone in between. This perfect “on-the-go” health addition for a busy lifestyle was created out of Forbes Riley’s own frustration as an overweight actress and busy working mom of twins. Her ugly duckling transformation has now severed to inspire men and woman from all walks of like, all over the globe.

Born on Long Island, New York, Riley began studying dance at the age of 4, dreamed of being an actress and dancer but struggled with weight and body image her whole life. Her ability to overcome her own personal issues is a driving force behind need to communicate to others. Today she says that she hasn’t been on a diet in more than a decade but is delighted to fit in clothes now that were too tight in high school.

With her infectious personality, dynamic need to inspire and intense physical expertise from martial arts and massage to being a professional Broadway dancer and certified group fitness instructor – Forbes has always had her own unique “spin” on getting fit. Recently awarded a US patent on her SpinGym exercises, Forbes has combined her 30 years of training in TaeKwon Do, Aikido, and Wing Chun with her background in Yoga, Pilates and Broadway Musical theatre dance training to create a completely new way to exercise. Some of her early mentors and pioneers in their field include Bob Fosse, Luigi, Frank Hatchett, Gregory Hines and the American Dance Machine’s Lee Theodore. They served as powerful inspirations in innovative body movement, form and function. In addition, as a licensed massage therapist, her knowledge of rehab and anatomy deepened along with a love for Yoga and Pilates. That foundation combined with the inertia properties of the SpinGym makes it one of the most effective and unique training systems ever to hit the market.

Beyond the health and fitness, Forbes Riley is one of the most recognized TV hosts and infomercial presenters of our time. She appeared on dozens of TV series from ESPN’s X-Games, Animal Planet, AC-Family, Discovery to more than 25 years as an on-going guest on HSN and QVC.
She has always had a passion for products and most recently can be seen on WE hosting her own TV series, Forbes Living – “a talk show version of Shark Tank”.

Forbes has made it her mission to guide, motivate and inspire people– especially other busy moms — to lose weight and improve their fitness with simple, practical exercise and diet solutions. “One of my mottos is health, wealth and happiness – being fit is the foundation, being financially sound is paramount but finding the balance is the highest goal.”

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