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David “Avocado” Wolfe

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David Wolfe — Health, Eco, Nutrition, and Natural Beauty Expert Today is the best day ever.  That is one of David's Favorite quotes.  He is a genuine inspiration and I'm thrilled to call him a friend.  to learn about his amazing health and wellness products click HERE A true inspiration.  We both co-star in the film SuperCharge ME -- worth watching if you're on a health quest and curious about raw, natural foods.  SUPERCHARGE ME! is a life blessing message for everyone, said one reviewer. Ever wonder what the opposite of the film SUPER SIZE ME would be like? With a tip of the headdress to Morgan Spurlock of SUPER SIZE ME, Jenna Norwood takes us on her journey to see what happens when she enrolls in a raw food detox center and consumes only organic, raw, enzyme-rich foods for 30 days. It is all in an effort to fit into a Las Vegas showgirl costume for Halloween, but the experience has some surprising results. Meet experts (David Wolfe), celebrities (Ben Vereen & Kathy Sledge) and others seeking to resolve serious health issues on a raw food diet. Takes the mystery out of colon hydrotherapy, too. An entertaining, educational and [...]

Forbes is an Entrepreneur on FIRE!

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Full Transcript John Lee Dumas:  Thank you for joining me for another episode of, your daily dose of inspiration.  If you enjoy this free podcast, please show your support by leaving a rating and review here at iTunes.  I will make sure to give you a shout out on an upcoming showing to thank you! John Lee Dumas:  Okay. Let’s get started. I am simply thrilled to introduce my guest today, Forbes Riley. Forbes, are you prepared to ignite? Forbes Riley:  Oh baby, I was born on fire! Yes, I’m ready for it! John Lee Dumas:  Oh, I love it! Forbes is one of today’s most accomplished entrepreneurs. A highly sought after spokesperson, motivational keynote speaker and life coach to celebrities and CEOs. Tell us about you personally. We want to get to know you. And then tell us about your business. Forbes Riley:  I’m one of the ultimate stories and one of the things that I preach now is that you really are the sum of all the obstacles that you overcome. I’m actually at the moment at the 10th week of a 10 week challenge, my first one, where I’ve gotten more than 30 people to lose a little [...]

Forbes Riley + Home Shopping + Perfect Pitch

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My home for more than 28 years - live home shopping around the world.  One of the secets is that you MUST have the Perfect Pitch! How to Develop Your Perfect Pitch Okay - you've invented, created or licensed the perfect product - now how do you market and make money from it? First contacting me is a great idea -- hint, hint! But when the moment arises to go to the network you will only have a few minutes to win over the buyers. Don’t waste their time with details about why you came up with the product idea. Instead, focus on the selling points, the financial aspects, and keep your pitch short and sweet. Be considerate of the buyer’s limited time; don’t waste minutes with “cutesy stuff" and PLEASE don’t tell a buyer that your product is the best thing in the world and that they will make billions of dollars with it. They hear this everyday! Simply get to the point with solid benefits and features. Start with how your product will benefit their pocketbook. Retail buyers are most concerned about their bottom line – it’s how they keep their bosses happy. Just as you are hoping to make [...]

Starring in the New TV Series: Transcend

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"Life should be simple for Max, he's only twelve. It's not though, not when he comes from a family of seers and he's getting powers no one told him about. Not to mention, Kylie the demon fighting sister he didn't know he had, returned without her body to try and save him" —Ranelle Golden, director

Forbes Riley: Mom & More interview

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Name: Forbes Riley Kids: Twins: Makenna & Ryker (age 15) Occupation: TV Host, Health & Fitness Expert, Speaker, Author, CEO/SpinGym Hometown: Oceanside, New York 1. What are the top 3 items in your grocery cart? Juicable Vegetables (for my Jack Lalanne Juicer) including carrots, beets, celery, kale etc. Almond Milk (a must for our daily protein drink) Raw, organic peanut butter & Wasa Crackers (the ultimate snack) 2. What are you reading?  Facebook. for business Tim Ferris Tribe of Titans and I have a new book coming in August about success in the entertainment industry called, Virdition 3. What is your guilty pleasure when you get a break from the kids?  1. I love a great massage, sauna and jacuzzi - Beverly Hot Springs when I'm in LA, Safety Harbor Health Spa when I'm in Tampa and I just ins talled a sauna in my house when I can't get to either – in fact I love the home sauna so much I am selling it on HSN! 2. The movies and a large tub of popcorn 3. A stroll through the mall, I shop so much online I miss the good ole days of wi ndow shopping and trying on [...]