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Team SpinGym Kansas City

2017-08-12T15:51:58-04:00Monday, August 24, 2015|

So proud of my students in the Kansas City Train the Trainer, SpinGym certification program.  Dedicated, fun and so passionate. Team Kansas City - Carol Ortloff shows off her GUNS and SpinGym at work! Trish Walker is a corporate SpinGym superstar and the office Queen of Green!~ Team Kansas City creates new exciting choreography Cheryl and William Harvey show off their sexy arms and killer attitude Fitness Buff Rhonda sells a SpinGym while making an office visit! Ginger Stiver her son Clayton and best friend redefine FIT and SEXY!!

Dr Bob Proctor

2017-08-12T15:51:58-04:00Saturday, August 22, 2015|

 Have you seen or read The Secret and its Law of Attraction? Well I have been a believer forever and imaged how impacted I was when one of the stars of the movie, Dr. Bob Proctor not only became a fan of mine - but SpinGym as well.  As he tells in his video we met at a dinner, the night before we were both speaking at a Charity event put on by the Cynthia Kersey Foundation.  What I didn't realize until he sent me this video was that he had had a heart attack and how profoundly my fitness product affected him, his recovery and his on going health. When he says that SpinGym works like unadulterated magic and that everyone should be using one - I was on Cloud 9 - perhaps I still am -- so happy to share his energy, his passion and words of wisdom.     www.SpinGym.com

Forbes Flawless Anti-Wrinkle System

2017-08-12T15:51:59-04:00Thursday, May 28, 2015|

Get YOUR GREAT SKIN NOW! Guaranteed Get YOUR GREAT SKIN NOW! Guaranteed Forbes Flawless : Incredible Age-Defining Solution! Forbes Flawless is a natural skin care product. The main component inside is Gotu Kola extract. The plant has used for many years to treat many illness. It can heal wounds, improves mental clarity, and take care of skin problems. The world is now becoming older. So does your skin. It is getting older by time since there are many factors makes the aging signs come faster. The skin surface may become weird. This fact delivers you to a choice for treating your skin by medicine or surgery. However, those are not good. The chemical cosmetic or medicine remains side effect. That is why, it is not good for long-term use. In another hand, surgery is making your skin even worse. It remains scars and pain. You need to check the condition and see the doctor regularly. By time, the surgery mark is possible to cause irritation too. Perhaps, it offers fast result. Unfortunately, it remains high risk and expensive cost. The solution provided by Forbes Flawless is good. Beside it has natural components, it [...]

SpinGym – Doctor Endorsed

2017-08-12T15:51:59-04:00Friday, February 27, 2015|

TOP FIVE MEDICAL REASONS TO EXERCISE WITH SPINGYM written by Dr. L. Krudo When I first met Forbes Riley I was immediately struck by her passion and commitment.  Her knowledge of the human body from her experience as a dancer, martial artist, massage therapy, and fitness expert were equally if not more impressive.  But I must admit, when I first saw her SpinGym, I was skeptical.  Until I used it myself, and then I too, understand the power and genius of this amazing device. As a doctor, I use a “whole person approach” when taking care of my patients. By combining the very best hands-on-technique, state of the art physiotherapy procedures, and providing clients with the newest and best fitness programs and natural vitamins and mineral supplements on the market today.   My mission is to help you to accelerate and/or maintain your journey to good health. I first recommend finding an exercise program that is low-impact and effective in promoting core strength, increased flexibility, and improved balance.   Below are 5 reasons why I endorse the Forbes Riley SpinGym Weight control 
Burn Calories through this fun and proven exercise. According to the recent American Council on Exercise study, short interval [...]