10 Minute SpinGym

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If you’ve got 10 minutes, you’ve got a workout. That’s the consensus among exercise researchers, who are finding full benefits from abridged workout circuits. In fact, some research has suggested that a short balst of intense exercise can boost metabolism for the entire day more effectively than a workout that’s slow and steady. And other doctors stress that a regular exercise practice, even if it’s just 10 minutes, can have a lasting impact on overall health and fitness. Get Your SpinGym NOW!

SpinGym Food Plan

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Food plan versus DIET -- its most important to really understand what food is as opposed to a "diet" -- diets are something you go on and off - but food is something you'll eat the rest of your life - and once you learn the value of food you'll have fun, be fit and truly enjoy your body! Click HERE! Get YOUR SpinGym NOW!

SpinGym airs on HSN

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Experience the SpinGym The most revolutionary new handheld device specially designed to supply constant force during your workout, giving you a total body workout like no other.  The inertia-centric forces activates ALL your upper body muscles simultaneously.  The ultimate 5 minute fat burning, muscle toning workout ever! Click HERE! “HSN was founded 37 years ago as the first shopping network and is headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL. HSN is a leading interactive multichannel retailer offering a curated assortment of exclusive products and top brand names to its customers. HSN incorporates entertainment, inspiration, personalities and industry experts to provide an entirely unique shopping experience” HSN show transcript English (Automatic Captions) 0:00 coolest thing forms this woman I kept 0:03 another item on my covers how engine has changed people's lives whether you're in 0:09 a wheelchair whether you are homebound whether you 0:11 just cannot seem to squeaked squeeze work 0:14 I get other because it's affordable workout 0:18 to tighten and tone your muscles in [...]

Forbes 5 Tips for Health (yes, in the car!)

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I seem to get very inspired while I'm in the car - yes, I'm hands free - and no I do not recommend doing this! But I get so darn inspired so enjoy!   Clean out your closet Shop your local market eat clean - garbage in, garbage out! value of fresh grass fed butter - good fat, feel full and watch video to find the 5th -- its a very inspiring one!!   here's the transcript 0:39 listen oh did I get your email in i did get your email i am launching my program 0:43 as we speak I am busy writing I should have it up soon 0:47 I think it's pretty exciting I think what I the feedback that I got in for 0:51 all of you joining me here is it is a real shortage of supported programs is a 0:55 real list of diets that you can go on 0:57 you get my notifications to get notifications for periscope or for 1:01 facebook mentions on Tina thank you for inviting other people i know there are 1:06 people who are amazing on periscope about swiping and my friends Alex and 1:12 Kim Garst are [...]

Exercise Excuse Buster

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Why is SpinGym the quickly becoming known as the “Exercise Excuse Buster?” Beause you can always find five minutes time! Hardworking people often can't find time or inclination to visit the gym. Unless the gym comes to the office and the workout takes just a few minutes.  So being sedentary, overweight and out of shape has become a way of life – but no more! Fit and healthy in the office: SpinGym is the perfect tool for people with sedentary jobs. It promotes a healthier seated posture, relieving back stress and easing tension. And the enriched oxygen supply makes you more attentive and efficient at what you do. Refreshed and focused in your car Long spells sitting in a car put a big strain on your back, tiring your body and mind and impeding your driving skills. Take a quick break with a SpinGym workout to unwind and recharge your batteries, and get back on the road reinvigorated and ready for a safer drive to your destination. In shape for sports SpinGym warms up your upper body muscles in no time at all, improves coordination, and leaves you feeling far more limber. Able to move [...]

Nurses love Spingym

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We Love Nurses! For industries with aging employees, such as nursing, the goal of a healthy workforce may be even more important to mitigate health changes associated with aging and to help nurses retain their ability to manage the physical demands of caring for patients. The average age of a nurse in the US is nearing 50 years (American Nursing 2011).  Trusted professionals such as nurses have a distinct opportunity to educate not only patients, but also each other, about healthy lifestyle choices that incorporate a balance of exercise and proper nutrition. At the regional nursing convention I had the chance to teach more than 200 nurses how to SpinGym (especially wonderful as my daughter Makenna helped as well) The response was extraordinary and many plan to incorporate the workout into their daily routine and for patients that can handle it as well -- a win / win all round! www.SpinGym.com

SpinGym Class is Invigorating!

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SpinGym class is invigorating, fun and empowering. Its hard to imagine that such a small product can have such a huge impact on people’s life but that is the journey of Forbes Riley’s SpinGym.   It has been scientifically proven to active all the upper body muscles simulataneously and thus burning fat fast and boosting metabolism. No other handheld fitness product has produced such a huge impact and more than 1 million users are taking the SpinGym lifestyle to new heights. SpinGym class is invigorating, fun and empowering. Its hard to imagine that such a small product can have such a huge impact on people’s life but that is the journey of Forbes Riley’s SpinGym. It has been scientifically proven to active all the upper body muscles simulataneously, burning fat fast and boosting metabolism. No other handheld fitness product produces such a huge impact! To date than 1 million users are taking the SpinGym lifestyle to new heights. Do YOU have yours yet? www.SpinGym.com  


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SpinGym with Fitness Superstar Sydney Benner

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 SpinGym truly is the MOST versatile Fitness Product on the Planet What makes SpinGym so unique is that it is compact, portable and versatile.  Whether you are going for a walk or stuck at work you can always get in a heart pumping, metabolism boosting workout. www.SpinGym.com

Team SpinGym Kansas City

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So proud of my students in the Kansas City Train the Trainer, SpinGym certification program.  Dedicated, fun and so passionate. Team Kansas City - Carol Ortloff shows off her GUNS and SpinGym at work! Trish Walker is a corporate SpinGym superstar and the office Queen of Green!~ Team Kansas City creates new exciting choreography Cheryl and William Harvey show off their sexy arms and killer attitude Fitness Buff Rhonda sells a SpinGym while making an office visit! Ginger Stiver her son Clayton and best friend redefine FIT and SEXY!!

Dr Bob Proctor

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 Have you seen or read The Secret and its Law of Attraction? Well I have been a believer forever and imaged how impacted I was when one of the stars of the movie, Dr. Bob Proctor not only became a fan of mine - but SpinGym as well.  As he tells in his video we met at a dinner, the night before we were both speaking at a Charity event put on by the Cynthia Kersey Foundation.  What I didn't realize until he sent me this video was that he had had a heart attack and how profoundly my fitness product affected him, his recovery and his on going health. When he says that SpinGym works like unadulterated magic and that everyone should be using one - I was on Cloud 9 - perhaps I still am -- so happy to share his energy, his passion and words of wisdom.     www.SpinGym.com