10 Steps to Getting Healthy!

 SpinGym on the BEACH!

I grew up on Long Island and the beach was my playground – all summer and often in the winter it made an amazing get away – I always feel rejuvenated and alive near the ocean. Is it the breeze, the sound of the waves – perhaps the sand between toes – I just LOVE it all!  There is nothing like a day at the beach to zero in on your dreams, release your stress and breathe in all life has to offer!  Today I’m sharing 10 reasons why the beach is healthy for you. It is worth the little bit of sand on your toes and full body sun-block. Read on!

  1. Salt water: there is nothing more therapeutic for your joints and muscles than a soak in salt water. The ocean can heal little cuts and scrapes and if you take a minute to exfoliate with a little sand, you’re skin will be grateful for days. (Just remember to reapply sunscreen after time in the salt water and sand – it can eat away your suntan lotion).
  2. Sense of stimulation: Take a minute to see the gorgeous surf, sand and sky combination – it is glorious any time of day. Smell the salty air that can do wonders for pulling stress out of you with every exhale. Of course you don’t eat the beach, but taste how much more delicious your food is with a little salty happiness stuck to your lips and smile. There is not a more relaxing and rejuvenating sound than the ocean. Hear waves hit the shore but do more than that – listen to the sounds of the beach; it’s like a healthy orchestra of restoration for your soul. Finally, there is nothing you cannot touchthat isn’t spectacular – from the sand to the sea to the pages in your book, the feel of a day on the beach cannot be replicated.
  3. Play. I find there is nothing more cathartic than a long walk on the beach. It doesn’t have to be fast – my favorite ones are the ones I take leisurely holding hands with my kids and looking for seashells. There is no goal, no rush, no place to be. My walk is most treasured. Of course, it is hard to resist being active. I love it all: SpinGyming, Frisbee, volleyball, building castles, boogie boarding and body surfing are my top choices.
  4. Breathe deep. Just 10 minutes a day of deep inhaling and exhaling can calm your nerves, relieve stress and bring back balance to your life.  Studies show that the sound of waves alters wave patterns in the brain lulling you into a deeply relaxed state. Relaxing in this way can help rejuvenate the mind and body.
    Beach SpinGym

    Beach SpinGym

  5. Unplug. The beach is entirely destructive to technology. It feels good to organize myself to be without my computer, phone and tablet for a few hours. Some of my most creative moments have come when I’m undistracted and left alone with uninterrupted thoughts. I’m able to focus entirely in the moment without worrying that a ding, blip or ring will pull me from my escape.
  6. Pampering 101. It feels pretty to feel pretty on the beach. Polished fingers and toes are a great reward for me, and taking the time to care for myself and all of my digits reminds me that it is important to take time to do things just for pleasure and pleasure has a purpose in my health and wellness. If I’m really, really engaged, I throw in a 10 minute massage, an exfoliation, or skin treatment just to really practice what I preach.
  7. Sleep. Whenever I look around at the beach, I notice dozers everywhere. Rarely do I get more than a twilight and dreamy sleep while actually on the beach, but when I go home, I find that I am rested, relaxed and ready to have the best night of sleep – it is truly therapeutic.
  8. Floating in Water. Also floating in water means blood is diverted around from our lower limbs and pumped towards our abdominal region – the part of the body near the heart – because we are no longer standing upright. Fresh blood being pumped around the body brings more oxygen to our brain which makes us more alert and active.
  9. Bare feet. Having bare feet means freedom. It is nearly impossible to be formal without shoes on. If I am shoeless, I laugh more. I trip less. Bare feet mean comfort, and I love being comfortable. My shoes are always off underneath my desk. When I walk into my house, the first thing I do is kick off my heels, sneakers and flip flops. When I am barefoot, I am the most free version of me.carib blue sg
  10. SpinGym.  How many exercise products can you REALLY carry to the beach in your pocket and go from a walking cardio routine to silently meditating and relishing in the spinning and the vibration.  The Beach and SpinGym were made to go together – to help you better you body AND your mind!



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