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Move over Kardasians!  Its time for Reality TV to inspire and motivate!

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  1. JAVINNO PURICELLI February 12, 2016 at 3:26 PM - Reply

    Forbes Riley is a Real Friend of Mine & I Love Her Period!!! Look Here, Forbes is one of The Most Powerful Women I Know and She is Simply Magnificent at what she does…

    I mean she has this Uncanny, Natural, Unpretentious way of Motivating People… And regardless of whatever the Product is…that’s not her concern really, Forbes sells you on Her and her alone… then if you are, even remotely interested in the product that she’s presenting at the time, you check it out further and you buy it… no secret formula, Forbes has been bless with a wonderful gift and it shows throughout her Life. And she’s been able to harness The Power from Her Gift and transfer that Energy to any that come in contact with her….

    Now I’m not saying this because she’s my Friend, no I’m saying this because it is the Truth and This Woman right here is a Real Leader and does so by the Example that she sets everyday of her Life… And I wish her All the Best in Her Endeavors

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