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Meet Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee, Forbes Riley

FitPro Industry Podcast Interview with Forbes Riley

Forbes Riley is an award winning national TV host, one of America’s leading health & fitness experts, keynote speaker, author and Founder/CEO of the best selling fitness system, SpinGym. Perhaps considered one of the most inspiring people on television, stage and for her coaching, Forbes’ unique connection with her audience stems from her own personal journey towards wellness and has helped her create a worldwide brand name in fitness, personal empowerment and business growth and success.

Forbes Riley – Show Notes

What is your background?

Here are just a few of her accomplishments:
• One of the pioneers to bring juicing to this country along with the grandfather of fitness – Jack Lalanne back in 2002

• Media Pioneer who has hosted more than 148 infomercials, reaching over $2 Billion in sales in more than 80 countries.

• Inducted into the US National Fitness Hall of Fame and a 25 year career promoting health and fitness on television worldwide

• Launched the TV series Fit-TV with Jake “Body by Jake” Seinfeld – the network sold to FOX-TV for $500 million dollars

• Creator and Host of Forbes Living TV – seen nationally on WeTV hosting entrepreneurs and launching new business ideas.

• Created the global fitness sensation, SpinGym – selling 61,000 units in 24 hours on live home shopping

• And, she has inspired millions to take positive action in their lives

What inspired you?

Forbes says, “You are a sum of the obstacles you overcome.” As a young child she was bullied because of her appearance, and being overweight.

“I wanted to be pretty; I thought it was important”

Growing up, she read a lot and watched movies to “escape.” She thought by becoming an actress, she could “escape” the ridicule she faced.

“So most of my life I think I’ve been trying to fix what was wrong. That’s how I ended up in the health and fitness industry.”

At what point did this turn into a career?

Forbes says she didn’t make a conscious decision to get into the fitness industry, and it was actually brought upon her.

“The Universe obviously had a bigger plan for me”

She did many movies, and commercials, but needed a day job. She got offered the opportunity to go on QVC and sell something, which led to a fitness show. In the process, she ended up selling 1,500 different fitness products on TV and meeting everybody in the infomercial world.

She was slated to star in a TV series, “Fashion House”, but was told at the last minute that Bo Derek was replacing her. Her acting agent gave her the advice to brand herself, and she moved from California to Florida to appear on the Home Shopping Network.

“I had a sense that following a new path would help other people. That seemed to be what I was supposed to be doing.”

She discovered a de-stresser that she could sell as a fitness product, and thought of every exercise she could while patenting them.

Along the way, she met plenty of critics.

“Visionaries take arrows. That’s why you’re a visionary. You see things that other people don’t see.

She was excited not about the money she could make, but the legacy that she could leave by doing it on her own.

“When you’re at the end of your rope and you want to just throw in the towel, don’t do it”

Where does your vision to change lives come from?

Forbes is not like a corporation that only focuses on profit.

“It’s about the people on the planet, and not how much money you have”

She believes that she has over one million Facebook fans on her pages because she engages others and is a people person.

“It doesn’t really work without the passion, the people and the community”

What are some challenges that you’re currently facing?

She’s struggling to find an executive assistant that understands that it’s not a 9-5 world that she’s living in. As well, keeping up with the Internet and all the developments has been a challenge.

What tools or resources do you use to stay on the cutting-edge?

Forbes reads content on the Internet regularly, and recommends that people take part in mastermind groups. JV partners have also been very helpful to her.

“You don’t have to do it all yourself”

What is your favorite word?

“Prestidigitation”, or the making of magic, is her favorite word.

“I create magic wherever I go”

What are three books that have had the greatest impact on you?

“Back to Eden” by Jethro Kloss

“The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino

“Advil of the Heart” (author unknown)

Forbes shares that she’s on a mission to be vulnerable and to take people with her on her journey that are in a dark place and hurting.

“That’s what I’m doing; helping you find your greatness”


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