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How did you get started in show business? 2015-04-22T10:44:59+00:00

I have always loved acting and dancing and dreamed of being in the movies.  I worked on Broadway in my early 20′s, starred in horror movies like Splatter University and worked on a variety of soap operas in New York City.

Is Forbes your real name? 2015-04-22T10:45:28+00:00

Yes, but it wasn’t always my first name.

Do you stick to a raw food diet? 2015-04-22T10:45:39+00:00

85% of the time and you have to watch this link to hear my diet philosophy.

I just got my SpinGym, how do I start it? 2017-08-12T15:51:59+00:00

Congratulations! The SpinGym has really a simple learning curve and I made this video to help you get started so go ahead and check it out!


What is the best way to connect with you? 2015-04-22T11:19:41+00:00

I communicate daily on Facebook at 

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