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WHAT is FEAR Really??

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What is fear? Fear is the feeling you get when you are afraid or worried that something bad is going to happen. As human, you will always feel fear. But you must be very careful not to empower it so that it adversely influences your actions and decisions. It causes you to feel anxiety, insecurity, and a complete lack of positive feeling. When fear overruns you...  there is a tendency for you to become hesitant or procrastinate, not able to think sensibly or logically. Fear imposes limitations upon your potential and ability, and in the process ruins your relationships with others. When you fill your mind with only courageous thoughts, you leave no room for fears and you tend to make courageous decisions. Courage is not absence of fear but the overcoming of fear. Fear is all that lies between you and your dreams. Instead of seeing or feeling the fear, look at the further side of it towards your dreams. Move forward despite feeling the fear. Just have faith and do it. Your faith will never let you down. It will see you through. You permit your mind to habitually dwell on countless negative thoughts and the resultant fears. The [...]

Billionaire Business Shirts!

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What have YOU Forbes'd lately? A brand is built around color, style, feel, attitude, consistency and SO much more. At Billionaire Business Academy Live Trainings we have the most amazing volunteers and staff - we just designed and launched a line of empowering shirts for men and women -- please leave YOUR comment below!

Q & A with Forbes Riley – on Business, Health, Fitness & Life

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Q & A with Forbes Riley written Andy Charalambous Profession: TV Host, CEO SpinGym, author, speaker, actress Honors & Awards: National Fitness Hall of Fame 2010, Moxie Award Winner “Best Female Presenter of the Year (2x), “Best Home Home Shopping Presenter”, TeleAward Winner, Miss Teenage NY/America Certifications: Personal Fitness Trainer IFTA, AFFA; Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Hypnotist, Certified NLP Master, Brown Belt Tae Kwon Do ·········· What are you known for professionally? As the 2010 National Fitness Hall of Fame inductee I am most known for being a leading authority in the health, fitness and wellness industry. I am most known for selling more than $2 Billion dollars worth of health & fitness products on TV via infomercials and Live Home Shopping (HSN & QVC). I am most recognized from hosting the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer that aired for 8 years in 80 countries and the Montel Williams HealthMaster Blender for the past 6 years. I am also known for creating the fitness sensation SpinGym – the most unique, innovative and portable fitness product. When I launched it on the Discovery TV series PitchMen I was told it would never work and I was wasting my time – we have [...]

My First Book Launch with Virdition

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Have to admit, it is very cool launching my first book, Virdition. It took my co-author, Will Quinones and I almost 3 years to complete this and finally we get to show the work.  Not only the journey, the book, but the website as well. To read the full press release, please Visit HERE! VIRDITION: The Secret to Fast Tracking YOUR Path to Stardom” co-authored by Celebrity TV Host and Motivational Speaker Forbes Riley and Visionary Entrepreneur Will Quinones, is Hollywood’s newest handbook to success—a must for anyone with stars in their eyes and the desire to launch a career in show business. In this digital age, seeking a career in Hollywood has never been more exciting. Talented individuals in any genre from stuntmen and musicians to actresses, singers, dancers, and even make-up artists, can create their brand, steer their career, and master the art of “virtual auditioning” to achieve their dreams with the help or hindrance of managers, agents and executives. With VIRDITION’S guidance, tips, and insider secrets, this book serves as a blueprint to master messages, build brands and showcases talents but its also is revolutionary for entrepreneurs, sales teams and public speakers who want to learn [...]

Best Beach Workout EVER!

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How many times have you just wanted to get a heart pumping quick workout in but you're stuck in a hotel with a stuffy, tiny little room they call a gym, or you're in a plane, car or even on the beach!? Well Suffer no more! SpinGym is the ideal, compact and portable way to get a metabolic boosting workout in -- burn calories, tone arms, even abs and legs -- with a device SO small it fits in your pocket! to get YOUR Best Body Today~

My friend, Neil Simon

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Back in 1985, I was doing the Broadway Show, The Marriage of Figaro co-starring Christopher Reeve.  I had a chance to hang with a lot of the young stars working in New York City and among them was Matthew Broderick.  One night I was visiting the cast of Biloxi Blues and by chance the playwright Neil Simon, was walking out of the backstage door as I was walking in -- it was a true Hollywood meet cute -- we looked at each other smiled, I must have giggled and he invited me for an after show drink at Joe Allen's.  We talked for the next 6 months -- it was an amazing time - except for the 30 year age difference -- it might have turned out differently!  He was a prince, so funny and he will be missed!  Matthew Broderick played Eugene Jerome and in the cast were so many up and comers like Penelope Ann Miller, Matt Mulheron, Alan Ruck (Ferris Bueller's Day Off), Bill Sadler and Brian Tarantina    This is a clip from the LA TIMES: Neil Simon, whose comic touch in “The Odd Couple,” “Barefoot in the Park” and many other hits on stage and [...]

My Mentor Jack Lalanne ~ The King of Fitness

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Jack LaLanne had a lot of firsts in the fitness and health industry Here are some of the biggest! Opened the first modern health spa Invented the first Leg extension machine Invented the first weight selector for cable machines Conceived the deign for the squat machine (now known as the smith machine) One of the original network television personalities and an original television pioneer The first to have a nationally syndicated exercise show on television The first to have athletes working out with weights The first to have women working out with weights The first to have the elderly working out with weights The first to have a combination Health Food Bar and Gym The first to have a weight loss Instant Breakfast meal replacement drink (protein powder) The first to have a Coed health club The first to combine weight training with nutrition The first to have an edible snack nutrition bar The first to sell vitamins and exercise equipment on television The first to teach scientific body building by changing the program every 2 to 3 weeks The first to encourage the physically challenged to exercise… to work around their disabilities TV SHOW: In the early 1950’s, through [...]

Pitch Master Class with Forbes Riley

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Pitch Class with Forbes Riley - a 2 Day Business Transforming experience Learn to Get What YOU want Increase YOUR revenue Master YOUR Message and Build YOUR Brand Pitch Mastery– IMPROVE YOUR PITCH. LEARN NEW PRESENTATION, SELLING AND NEGOTIATION SKILLS. This training platform was developed for salespeople and executives who need a better way to get high-level meetings, pitch ideas and close sales.  

Forbes Riley’s New Best Seller: Virdition

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Morgan James’s new release “Virdition: The Secret to Fast Tracking YOUR Path to Stardom” by Forbes Riley and Will Quinones is Hollywood’s new handbook for success. As Uber impacted taxi services and AirBnB shook-up the hotel industry, Virdition’s is the long awaited disruptive solution to the antiquated casting rules of Hollywood. In the digital age, talented individuals in any genre—from stuntmen and musicians to actresses, singers, dancers, and even make-up artists—can create their brand, steer their career, and master the art of “virtual auditioning” with Virdition’s guidance, tips, and insider secrets. to see photos from the event CLICK HERE Social media outlets such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat provide performers with opportunities to showcase their talent to wide audiences immediately online—a far cry from the days of paper headshots and “cattle call” auditions. Virdition helps readers leverage digital tools to achieve success, and the platform will open the marketplace for stardom, placing it within anyone’s grasp. With the practical tools in Virdition, anyone with talent and a dream can carve out their place in the billion-dollar entertainment industry. However, this book also is a dynamic read for entrepreneurs, sales teams and public speakers who want to learn how [...]

Amy Lyndon- Hollywood Acting Coach

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Amy Lyndon and I have been friends for EVER!! We were actresses together in LA and traveled to the Sundance Film Festival to pursue our dreams.  Today she is one of Hollywood's Top Acting Coaches with Emmy Award students and I'm just so proud to call her one of my oldest (hmmm) maybe most genuine, exciting and FUN Friends!

David “Avocado” Wolfe

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David Wolfe — Health, Eco, Nutrition, and Natural Beauty Expert Today is the best day ever.  That is one of David's Favorite quotes.  He is a genuine inspiration and I'm thrilled to call him a friend.  to learn about his amazing health and wellness products click HERE A true inspiration.  We both co-star in the film SuperCharge ME -- worth watching if you're on a health quest and curious about raw, natural foods.  SUPERCHARGE ME! is a life blessing message for everyone, said one reviewer. Ever wonder what the opposite of the film SUPER SIZE ME would be like? With a tip of the headdress to Morgan Spurlock of SUPER SIZE ME, Jenna Norwood takes us on her journey to see what happens when she enrolls in a raw food detox center and consumes only organic, raw, enzyme-rich foods for 30 days. It is all in an effort to fit into a Las Vegas showgirl costume for Halloween, but the experience has some surprising results. Meet experts (David Wolfe), celebrities (Ben Vereen & Kathy Sledge) and others seeking to resolve serious health issues on a raw food diet. Takes the mystery out of colon hydrotherapy, too. An entertaining, educational and [...]

Forbes is an Entrepreneur on FIRE!

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Full Transcript John Lee Dumas:  Thank you for joining me for another episode of, your daily dose of inspiration.  If you enjoy this free podcast, please show your support by leaving a rating and review here at iTunes.  I will make sure to give you a shout out on an upcoming showing to thank you! John Lee Dumas:  Okay. Let’s get started. I am simply thrilled to introduce my guest today, Forbes Riley. Forbes, are you prepared to ignite? Forbes Riley:  Oh baby, I was born on fire! Yes, I’m ready for it! John Lee Dumas:  Oh, I love it! Forbes is one of today’s most accomplished entrepreneurs. A highly sought after spokesperson, motivational keynote speaker and life coach to celebrities and CEOs. Tell us about you personally. We want to get to know you. And then tell us about your business. Forbes Riley:  I’m one of the ultimate stories and one of the things that I preach now is that you really are the sum of all the obstacles that you overcome. I’m actually at the moment at the 10th week of a 10 week challenge, my first one, where I’ve gotten more than 30 people to lose a little [...]

Forbes Riley + Home Shopping + Perfect Pitch

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My home for more than 28 years - live home shopping around the world.  One of the secets is that you MUST have the Perfect Pitch! How to Develop Your Perfect Pitch Okay - you've invented, created or licensed the perfect product - now how do you market and make money from it? First contacting me is a great idea -- hint, hint! But when the moment arises to go to the network you will only have a few minutes to win over the buyers. Don’t waste their time with details about why you came up with the product idea. Instead, focus on the selling points, the financial aspects, and keep your pitch short and sweet. Be considerate of the buyer’s limited time; don’t waste minutes with “cutesy stuff" and PLEASE don’t tell a buyer that your product is the best thing in the world and that they will make billions of dollars with it. They hear this everyday! Simply get to the point with solid benefits and features. Start with how your product will benefit their pocketbook. Retail buyers are most concerned about their bottom line – it’s how they keep their bosses happy. Just as you are hoping to make [...]

Starring in the New TV Series: Transcend

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"Life should be simple for Max, he's only twelve. It's not though, not when he comes from a family of seers and he's getting powers no one told him about. Not to mention, Kylie the demon fighting sister he didn't know he had, returned without her body to try and save him" —Ranelle Golden, director