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Forbes Riley’s New Best Seller: Virdition

2018-08-29T17:11:55-04:00Sunday, July 22, 2018|

Morgan James’s new release “Virdition: The Secret to Fast Tracking YOUR Path to Stardom” by Forbes Riley and Will Quinones is Hollywood’s new handbook for success. As Uber impacted taxi services and AirBnB shook-up the hotel industry, Virdition’s is the long awaited disruptive solution to the antiquated casting rules of Hollywood. In the digital age, talented individuals in any genre—from stuntmen and musicians to actresses, singers, dancers, and even make-up artists—can create their brand, steer their career, and master the art of “virtual auditioning” with Virdition’s guidance, tips, and insider secrets. to see photos from the event CLICK HERE Social media outlets such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat provide performers with opportunities to showcase their talent to wide audiences immediately online—a far cry from the days of paper headshots and “cattle call” auditions. Virdition helps readers leverage digital tools to achieve success, and the platform will open the marketplace for stardom, placing it within anyone’s grasp. With the practical tools in Virdition, anyone with talent and a dream can carve out their place in the billion-dollar entertainment industry. However, this book also is a dynamic read for entrepreneurs, sales teams and public speakers who want to learn how [...]