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Team SpinGym

2017-10-28T02:49:30-04:00Saturday, October 28, 2017|

SpinGym Certification class is now offering fitness buffs and fitness curious an exciting chance to earn extra money, get fit and have more than they ever imagined promoting, teaching and earn commission monies from SpinGym.  Billed as the ideal workout for anytime, anywhere, with SpinGym you can get fit in the office on the beach or even on an airplane AND it weighs less than 1/2 pound.  Make sure to get YOURS today and enquire about how YOU can quickly become a SpinGym Brand Ambassador. […]

From the Heart

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Every once in a while you just meet someone who dramatically changes your life. I met Forbes through a mutual Los Angeles acquaintance and we began to know each other a little better from Facebook and phone conversations. It was the phone call that I had with her a few weeks ago to interview her for this article, where the little fat food and bad exercise switch went off and the healthy habit switch went on. I called Forbes today to tell her that I was having trouble writing the article about her because I needed to go back and get quotes because about ½ way through the interview I stopped writing and just started listening to her intensely. After a two hour conversation, I realized I had like 2 pages of notes and was in trouble. I called today and she said, “I just got off the phone with someone telling me I changed their life forever.” I said, “Well, Forbes, it’s gonna be an even better day because I’m calling to tell you that too. First I need to tell you that I need better quotes from you from our conversation. But before I do that I need [...]