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Best Travel Fitness Workout: SpinGym

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  Imagine get fit before, after and WHILE you travel - That is the beauty, ease and convenience of the SpinGym.   No matter what kind of trip you're taking, there's one thing is certain: Our normal routines get thrown out the window when traveling- yes?? • If you work out in a gym, suddenly you might not have access to any equipment. • If you run around your neighborhood, suddenly you no longer have a familiar path to follow. • If you usually prepare your own meals, suddenly you don’t have a kitchen or fridge. • If you’re used to a good night’s sleep, suddenly you’re sleeping at odd hours in different time zones. Your exercise needs to become your constant while traveling – make a commitment to yourself that you will find at least one hour every other day to exercise – NO EXCUSES.  Add it to your calendar, set up an email reminder, do whatever it takes, but don’t take no for an answer.  You might need to wake up early one day to fit it in.  You might need to exercise at 11PM at night on another day. so here are some fitness travel ideas Go on [...]

10 Minute SpinGym

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If you’ve got 10 minutes, you’ve got a workout. That’s the consensus among exercise researchers, who are finding full benefits from abridged workout circuits. In fact, some research has suggested that a short balst of intense exercise can boost metabolism for the entire day more effectively than a workout that’s slow and steady. And other doctors stress that a regular exercise practice, even if it’s just 10 minutes, can have a lasting impact on overall health and fitness. Get Your SpinGym NOW!

Success Masterminds

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mas·ter·mind ˈmastərˌmīnd/ noun a person with an outstanding intellect. "an eminent musical mastermind" synonyms: genius, mind, intellect, author, architect, organizer, originator, prime mover, initiator, inventor verb plan and direct (an ingenious and complex scheme or enterprise). "he was accused of masterminding a gold-smuggling racket" synonyms: plan, control, direct, be in charge of, run, conduct, organize, arrange, preside over, orchestrate, stage-manage, engineer, manage, coordinate; 7 Reasons To Join A Mastermind Group Napoleon Hill created the concept of a Mastermind 75 years ago with his best selling book, Think and Grow Rich. Simply a mastermind group is designed to help individuals navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of others. How does a mastermind work? A group of smart people meet weekly, monthly, daily even if it makes sense, to tackle challenges and problems together. They lean on each other, give advice, share connections and do business with each other when appropriate. It’s very much peer-to-peer mentoring and if you are lucky enough to get invited to one, you will most likely see a marked change in yourself and your business. Here are 5 reasons why a mastermind can work for you! You’ll be part of an exclusive community. Joining a mastermind typically involves you being invited by the members or going through an application process. The other members need you just as much as you need [...]

SpinGym Food Plan

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Food plan versus DIET -- its most important to really understand what food is as opposed to a "diet" -- diets are something you go on and off - but food is something you'll eat the rest of your life - and once you learn the value of food you'll have fun, be fit and truly enjoy your body! Click HERE! Get YOUR SpinGym NOW!

Be Fearless

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Infomercials started in the early 90's and I was blessed to be a part of the most amazing industry -- however I do remember the first time I saw a commercial - that wasn't 2 minutes but 30 minutes!  To this day, I have hosted 144 infomercials ranging from fitness products to health, cleaning, skincare and so much more -- but my favorite experience has been the launch of SpinGym - and I did this with Legends Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan

Getting Kids to Juice!

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People always ask me, 'How do you get kids to eat healthy?" The answer is simple - feed them healthy - may sound easy but before most children are 2 years old they have been inundated with sugar, birthday cake, candy, high fructose corn syrup, cereals, ice cream and the list goes on... food that if you truly realized how bad it was - you wouldn't feed to someone who hated - but now you are noticing you're feeding it your most precious loved ones -- they are getting desensitized to taste, further away from raw, natural flavors and the heading towards early diabetes, obesity and a host of health problems. If its true you ARE WHAT YOU EAT - then lets start with natural, nutrition rich ingredients to help build our young ones as strong and healthy as possible yes?   replace sugar drinks with fresh natural juices (adding in veggies) offer them water whenever possible involve them in the cook process in the kitchen talk about what food really is and why we eat - and if you don't know, lets get educated!

SpinGym airs on HSN

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Experience the SpinGym The most revolutionary new handheld device specially designed to supply constant force during your workout, giving you a total body workout like no other.  The inertia-centric forces activates ALL your upper body muscles simultaneously.  The ultimate 5 minute fat burning, muscle toning workout ever! Click HERE! “HSN was founded 37 years ago as the first shopping network and is headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL. HSN is a leading interactive multichannel retailer offering a curated assortment of exclusive products and top brand names to its customers. HSN incorporates entertainment, inspiration, personalities and industry experts to provide an entirely unique shopping experience” HSN show transcript English (Automatic Captions) 0:00 coolest thing forms this woman I kept 0:03 another item on my covers how engine has changed people's lives whether you're in 0:09 a wheelchair whether you are homebound whether you 0:11 just cannot seem to squeaked squeeze work 0:14 I get other because it's affordable workout 0:18 to tighten and tone your muscles in [...]

Powerful Liver Cleanse

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Symptoms Your Liver Isn’t Functioning Optimally If you have recently noticed any of the symptoms mentioned below, you could be suffering from impaired liver function. It is particularly important to consider these symptoms if you identify with one or more of the risk factors mentioned above. Bloating and gas Acid reflux and heartburn Constipation Skin and/or eyes that are yellowish (symptom of jaundice) Inability to lose weight High blood pressure Moodiness, anxiousness, or depression Dark urine Rosacea  Chronic fatigue Excessive sweating Bruise easily Poor appetite Fortunately, you can improve your liver’s functioning. Through a thorough cleanse, you can start to feel better in a matter of a couple of weeks.

What have YOU Forbes’d lately?

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How do you manifest what you want in life - my philosophy - Forbes It!  Watch the video and leave your comments below! The magic to getting what you want in life like superstars Beyonce, Madonna and yes, even Donald Trump is to identify what you want, strategize and then GO FOR IT - or as we like to say - Forbes It! A unique and inspiring way to monetize you spiritual investment -- try it!

Forbes 5 Tips for Health (yes, in the car!)

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I seem to get very inspired while I'm in the car - yes, I'm hands free - and no I do not recommend doing this! But I get so darn inspired so enjoy!   Clean out your closet Shop your local market eat clean - garbage in, garbage out! value of fresh grass fed butter - good fat, feel full and watch video to find the 5th -- its a very inspiring one!!   here's the transcript 0:39 listen oh did I get your email in i did get your email i am launching my program 0:43 as we speak I am busy writing I should have it up soon 0:47 I think it's pretty exciting I think what I the feedback that I got in for 0:51 all of you joining me here is it is a real shortage of supported programs is a 0:55 real list of diets that you can go on 0:57 you get my notifications to get notifications for periscope or for 1:01 facebook mentions on Tina thank you for inviting other people i know there are 1:06 people who are amazing on periscope about swiping and my friends Alex and 1:12 Kim Garst are [...]

Growing Up Ugly…

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  I wish I had known truly that I was pretty way back when -- this was one of my very first headshots - and they didn't have photoshop back then -- but growing up with frizzy hair, a broken nose, braces and 30+ lbs overweight -- that fat, ugly girl just did not believe that photo was me -- its been a long road to get to self love -- self acceptance and the ability to move forward for real #throwbackthursday what is keeping YOU from being the VERY best YOU, you can be!

Jeff Timmons – 98 Degrees – Boy Band!

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Why am I a fan? Jeff Timmons is talented, funny, charming, can sing and did you SEE his biceps. Its also GREAT that he loves SpinGym JEFF TIMMONS Jeff Timmons is the founding member of the Grammy-nominated, internationally-acclaimed, multi-platinum-selling vocal group 98 Degrees, which has sold over 15 million albums, with four Top 5 radio singles. The group has produced such mega hits as “The Hardest Thing”, “I Do”, “Because of You”, and the No. 1 hit single “Thank God I Found You,” which is a collaboration with Mariah Carey. After his stellar success with 98 Degrees, Jeff has ventured out as a soloist, and single-handedly wrote and produced his first solo album which was released as a joint venture with Rising Phoenix and SLG Music. The album’s first single produced a top 20 hit on both the Billboard adult contemporary and R&B charts with the song “Whisper That Way.” This song reached No. 1 in many major markets out-performing Usher’s “Burn”, and Alicia Keys “If I Ain’t Got You.” The album also produced three additional chart-topping singles worldwide. In 2010, a single entitled “Emotional High” leaked to the radio international [...]