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pos·si·bil·i·ty noun a thing that may happen or be the case. "the theoretical possibility of a chain reaction" synonyms: chance, likelihood, probability, hope; More the state or fact of being likely or possible; likelihood. its time to create your OWN possibilities and fulfill your destiny

Me and Bruce Jenner

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In a place far away in a much simpler time - I had a chance to meet an American Hero, Olympic Decathlon Gold Medalist and superstar athlete.  His name was Bruce Jenner.  In light of all that's happening the WAS in very appropriate because apparently he is gone.  I am a bit sad about that.  Does that mean he died?  I support the new Caitlyn Jenner as she seems happy and fulfilling a lifelong dream to complete her/his identity.  My heart hurts though, it must have been a life full of serious inner turmoil and conflict and I just happy now it seems to be a positive path.  But where did Bruce go? I just came across my some old photos and wanted to share them.  Whenever a human reaches extraordinary heights and serves as an inspiration they should be honored... and in my own little way here's to Bruce!

Business Rockstar

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AMAZING INTERVIEW! And hilarious!! Now this is a boss lady. Forbes Riley is a success coach. She is an author, award winning television personality, entrepreneur, and the creator of the SpinGym fitness sensation. Forbes is one of the most sought after female keynote speakers in the country. As a motivator and role model, she has a unique connection with her audience that stems from her own personal journey. Often billed in media as the $2 billion host, Forbes has grossed more than that in direct TV sales revenue over the span of her career. Forbes is currently at the top of her field, awarded the ERA Moxie award for Best Female presenter multiple times, which is a testament to her incomparable success in blending her talent and knowledge with her dynamic communication style to speak and inspire audiences across the globe. Forbes is a hoot! She makes Ken work out and try the SpinGym, dishes out some sexual jokes, and tells us her awesome sales tactics... like selling SpinGyms in the sauna naked to women at the gym. Check out this interview to laugh, to learn, to hear all about her story, the obstacles she has [...]