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White Water Rafting

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This trip was the 2nd time my twins and I had been river rafting and it was FUN though a bit colder and rainer than the first time in Colorado.  We were at a Dude Ranch in Tennessee for Spring Break and with the Great Smoky Mountains as our backdrop we ventured forth down the Upper Pigeon River.  It was a 2 hour guided trip with just the 3 of us in the raft and our local amazing guide. We rafted through class III rapids known as: Power House, Too Late, Vegematic, Razor Blade and After Shave, to name just a few of the 12 rapids on the river. The class IV rapids are known as: Lost Guide, Double Reactionary, and Accelerator. The Pigeon River is a dam controlled river with best trips from Mid-May to Mid-September and the water levels are  determined by Progress Energy.   The photos speak for themselves